Containment & Inspection Services

Our #1 goal is for you to get your shipments right the first time, and every time.

Our proven processes and industry track record will allow you to achieve this goal on a continual basis. Whether it's for long-term projects or short-term quality spills, VQQ will help you meet all of your quality objectives! 
  • Short-Term Containment
  • Long-Term Containment
  • Customer Mandated Containment (CS-1, CS-II, 3-PVA)
  • GP-12 Inspection
  • Launch / "Safe-Launch" Inspection
  • Incoming Material Inspection


Various Inspection Methods

Your inspection needs are more than just VISUAL! Our trained staff is experienced in various inspection methods, including but not limited to:

  • Calipers & Micrometers
  • Hardness Testing Devices
  • Electrical (Current / Voltage) Testing
  • Gage Pins
  • Software Testing Devices
  • Borescopes
  • Metal & Surface Finish                                                                                                  

Where We Can Serve You

We understand that our customers have changing requirements and inspection services may need to be conducted in one or many locations. Logistics pipelines can be a big hurdle in containing quality spills but we can help you in any scenario! 

In-House - Your Facility

Let us come to you! We will rapidly deploy a team to your location to quickly setup a containment. Our trained & dedicated, on-site supervisors will be the liaison between our central office and your local team and will generate work instructions and provide you live reporting and any other needs that you may have. Our teams come equipped with the proper tools, markers, stickers, safety gear/PPE and all other equipment needed to start work right away. Our customer web-portal will allow you to see live inspection results from your desk! 
We are flexible, operate 24/7/365 and can conform to your shift times!  
Your Customer's Plant or Warehouse

Need us to contain material at your customer's location? No problem! Our
trained & dedicated on-site supervisors will arrive at your customers facility with a team of inspectors ready to get to work! We have endless experience working in OEM assembly plants and large tiered suppliers. We know safety rules and plant processes. Our teams come equipped with all the necessary inspection equipment, reporting tools and safety gear/PPE. Our customer web-portal will allow you to see live inspection results from your desk! 
We are flexible, operate 24/7/365 and can conform to your customer's shift times!  
Our Facility or Satellite Locations
Need to re-route a shipment and stop it from going to your customer? No problem! We have strategically located inspection warehouses throughout Michigan, Indiana & Ohio. Our various locations position you to get shipments to an inspection location quickly and cost-effectively. We can begin inspection as soon as your trucks arrive and send your material on its way to your customer as fast as possible! Our locations are all near major highways with quick and easy truck access! Our customer web-portal will allow you to see live inspection results from your desk!